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    • You can find the necessary immunizations for your child's age by clicking here.
    • Medical forms are oftentimes required by schools, camps, athletics, and daycare facilities. The Youth Clinic maintains an Administrative Nurse to help complete these forms for patients. Turn-around time for forms requested from our office is five business days. Additionally, it is our policy for your child to have had a well care within the past twelve months in order to complete any form. It is important for parents to anticipate the forms their child will need and to submit these forms to our office in a timely manner for completion. High volume season is August, prior to the beginning of the school year. If same day form completion is required, we do offer an express form service for $30, ensuring the form will be ready that day. Our Administrative Nurse can be reached at (970) 416-6282.

    • Parents and patients who wish to have a prescription refilled should first contact their pharmacy, which will then contact our office. This is the fastest and easiest means of refilling a prescription as it can be done electronically between our office and the pharmacy. Parents and patients may want to anticipate their need for a prescription and call it into their pharmacy a few days before the prescription runs out to avoid lapse between doses. Controlled medications, such as ADD medications, require a printed and signed prescription from our office. These prescriptions can be called into our main line, (970) 267-9510, where they will be transferred to the prescribing physician’s voicemail for refill. Controlled medication prescription refills must be picked up at one of our offices.
    • To pick up a controlled substance Rx from one of our offices, you must present a valid photo I.D., be a family member or guardian of the patient and be 16 years of age or older. Exceptions to this policy may be considered in certain instances, please call our office at (970) 482-2515 with questions regarding this policy.

    • Patients can feel lost when the provider they have selected to care for their child is out of the office or unavailable for an appointment. At The Youth Clinic, we promote the concept of a medical team of providers who know and care for your child. A medical team within The Youth Clinic should consist of two to three providers that you as a parent are comfortable with and your child connects with. Because many of our Physicians are scheduled in the hospital, it is advisable for parents to make one of their child’s care providers a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. These professionals work at all three of our locations performing the same functions as our Pediatricians. Our pediatricians and midlevel providers also maintain an internal team to help cover patient paperwork, phone calls, and other functions when a provider is not in the office.
    • A Youth Clinic Pediatrician is on call evenings and weekends. The On-Call Pediatrician is available through our after hours answering service by calling 970-267-9510. The Youth Clinic utilizes Children’s Hospital Nurse Triage to address concerns you may be having about your child. These nurses may elect to contact The Youth Clinic provider on call if they feel the situation warrants it. As always, you may request to talk directly to a Youth Clinic provider if you feel there is a serious medical problem with your child. We ask that only in the case of emergent concerns should you ask to speak with the Provider on call as our physicians are often at the hospital caring for sick children.

      Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado (PUCNC) is now open and accepting walk-in patients at it’s permanent location at 4845 Weitzel St. Timnath, CO. PUCNC is the only pediatric-specific Urgent Care facility in all of Northern Colorado. PUCNC provides the full range of Urgent Care services, tailored specifically towards children. Head to PUCNC’s website for more information or call 970-494-2626!

    • The Youth Clinic providers will not routinely work at the Pediatric Urgent Care but will continue to focus on caring for children at The Youth Clinic as well as Poudre Valley Hospital. The Youth Clinic has hired pediatricians and pediatric-trained mid-level providers to staff the Urgent Care allowing your child access to pediatric expertise.

    • Yes. The Youth Clinic will continue to provide a nurse advice line during normal business hours. You may access the nurse advice line by calling 970-267-6715.

    • The Youth Clinic continues to have daily same day sick appointments to care for your child, with dedicated providers located at our Oak Park office. Patients calling prior to 4:30 pm should be able to be seen at one of our offices. The Pediatric Urgent Care will extend these hours into the evening on weekdays and all day on the weekends.

    • Yes. The PUCNC is a separate business entity and must obtain your information for any care you receive at the Pediatric Urgent Care. Demographic and insurance information can not be shared between separate business entities. By providing this information the PUCNC will be able to directly bill your insurance for the visit.

    • Generally, the answer is yes; however, all insurance plans are different and you should check with your specific insurance plan for information. Urgent Care Clinics offer expanded and convenient access to patients who require medical services outside of their normal Primary Care Provider’s office hours. Staffing qualified medical professionals on an after hours walk-in basis does represent a higher expense than staffing during the weekday and Urgent Care rates do reflect this difference. By way of comparison, an Emergency Room visit is 3 to 4 times the cost of an Urgent Care visit.

    • No. The Pediatric Urgent Care and The Youth Clinic are two separate businesses, and as such are on different Electronic Health Record systems.
    • No. The Pediatric Urgent Care does not have access to your child’s Youth Clinic records. To ensure continuity of care please call our office at 970-267-9510 between 7:30am and 5:00pm to request a prescription refill.

    • In the event your child is referred to an outside specialist for medical services, a referral may be required by your insurance company. A referral is initiated by your child’s primary care provider and sent to your insurance carrier for approval; an appointment with a provider is necessary to initiate the referral process. The Youth Clinic maintains staff to assist patients with referrals. If your insurance requires a referral, our staff will complete it and send it to your insurance company.

      Referral Coordinator – 970-416-6280

    • The Youth Clinic offers a phone nurse line for our patients during business hours, Monday through Friday. If you would like to consult our phone nurses, call (970) 267-6715.The nurses are well-trained to answer the majority of your parenting questions and will advise you to make an appointment with one of our providers if necessary. Our phone nurses use the Pediatric Telephone Protocols by Barton D. Schmitt, MD from Children’s Hospital. The Youth Clinic’s phone nurses are practicing floor nurses with our providers, and have an abundance of hands-on experience with taking care of children and their families.

    • The Youth Clinic maintains an after hours phone nurse triage service for parents who may have questions or concerns about their child after The Youth Clinic is closed, ensuring you are never without the support of trained pediatric nurses. You can access this service by calling our main line (970-267-9510). Additionally, The Youth Clinic maintains an on-call Physician who can help with urgent medical situations, and can be also be accessed by calling our main line at (970-267-9510).