Healthy Travels

What services does The Youth Clinic’s Travel Immunization Clinic provide?

  • Comprehensive and individualized assessment of the traveler’s itinerary and health history.
  • Travel immunizations and prophylaxis including Hepatitis A, TdaP and Malaria.
  • Information about travel illnesses including traveler’s diarrhea.
  • Counseling regarding food and water safety.
  • Completion of any required travel paperwork related to health and immunizations.
  • A customized Travel Handbook and Travel Kit will be provided.

Who can visit the Travel Clinic?

Any active patient of The Youth Clinic that has had a Well Care Visit within the past 12 months.

Does my insurance cover the visit?

Most insurance companies do not cover travel immunizations or consultation. You will be asked to pay $50 prior to the visit. A $25 charge will be assessed for each sibling traveling at the same time if applicable. Cash, check or credit card is accepted.

When and how do I schedule an appointment?

Ideally, six weeks prior to travel to ensure proper spacing of required travel immunizations and prophylaxis. Please call  970-267-9510 for more information about our Travel Immunization Clinic or to schedule an appointment.

If your child is over two years of age and you are planning a trip abroad, call us at 970-267-9510 to request a Typhoid vaccine for your child.