The Importance of Well Child Visits

Well Child Visits at the Youth ClinicDid you know the American Association of Pediatrics recommends parents schedule well child visits once each year between the age of three and 21? Younger children need more frequent visits than older kids.

Well child visits are an important part of your child’s medical care. Not only do they provide a chance for your pediatrician to see your child without having to diagnose and treat an illness, they’re a vital piece of your child’s ongoing healthcare:

  • Age-Specific Advice: Receive developmentally scheduled advice about your child’s health needs at every well child visit, addressing everything from sleep and nutrition to general wellness.
  • Physical Exams: Your pediatrician examines your child’s respiratory and circulatory systems, reflexes, eyes and ears and temperature, helping catch issues before they become problems.
  • Immunizations: Even after infancy, children stick to an immunization schedule as part of well child visits.
  • Gauging Developmental Milestones: Chart changes in height, weight and other measurements as well as social and other behaviors.

Your well child visit is also a wonderful time to ask your pediatrician about any non-pressing concerns about your child’s health. From nutrition and exercise to tips on treating commonplace health issues, your well child visit serves to get parents on track about their kids’ health.