Middle School (11-15 Years Old)

Middle school is an exciting time for children and is filled with developmental growth. Learn everything needed to keep your middle schooler healthy both physically and mentally with below articles, available programs and well care information!

Well Care Preparation by Age

  • 11-15 Years


    • HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
    • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)Menactra (Meningococcal)Seasonal Influenza when available
    • Click Here for Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)


    • All necessary paperwork for your upcoming appointment will be sent through Phreesia – please click here for details

    Lab Work

    • Cholesterol Screen


    • Questionnaires: The PHQA and Teen Adolescent questionnaires are intended to be filled out by adolescents ages 12 and up, in a confidential setting and are only distributed in our office to the adolescent during their visit. We always encourage open communication between parents and teens but there may be topics or feelings an adolescent won’t disclose if they feel their parent disapproves.


Healthy Steps

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This special class for boys ages 11-13 is designed to teach them about the transition to becoming a young man. Our relaxed atmosphere helps minimize the embarrassment and awkwardness often associated with this topic and promotes honest conversations while fostering good communication between boys and their parents.

Healthy Transitions

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This special class for girls ages 9-11 is designed to teach them about the transition to becoming a young woman. The class covers physical, emotional and social changes associated with female puberty while promoting positive body image and healthy lifestyle choices.

Healthy Bodies for Life

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Smart eating and staying active are key to your entire family’s well-being. Sometimes, life gets out of balance:   eating too much or the wrong types of foods, and having too little activity can lead to kids being overweight. Of course, as parents, you want the best for your family and want your child to be healthy. The Healthy Bodies for Life program is here to support you! Start today – help your child develop smart living habits and achieve a healthy weight for life.