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Unlimited Access to 10+ Resources, for Parents, by Pediatricians.

Allow pediatricians from The Youth Clinic to walk you through the most common questions and topics they receive from new parents just like you. By knowing what to expect pre-delivery and post-delivery, you will be able to relish in the joys of your newborn as well as be confident in the decisions you will make in their first few weeks of life.

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History of The Youth Clinic

The Youth Clinic dates back to 1964 when it was established by Dr. Donald Beard. Since then, the clinic has grown alongside Fort Collins, adding up to four locations across town to ensure there is always someone there for you and your family. Learn more from Lorrie Kehmeier, a Physician Assitant at The Youth Clinic.

What to Expect at the Hospital After Delivery

Traci Hess, Physicians Assistant, discusses what is routine immediately after delivery your baby as well as within the first week of life. This includes shots, anti-bacterial ointments, basic examining of vitals, doctor visits and more.


Carole Anderson, a Pediatrician, explains the process of circumcision as well as what your baby goes during the 15-20 minute procedure.


Becky, Registered Nurse and Board Certified Lactation Consultant, discusses support offered by The Youth Clinic throughout the breastfeeding journey.

How to Take Care of the Umbilical Cord

Julie Brockway, a Pediatrician, explains umbilical cord care when it comes to basic hospital procedures, once you go home and what to do if it doesn’t take care of itself.

Skin Findings in Babies

Pediatrician Beth Ballard reviews common skin findings in babies such as rashes or jaundice as well as standard treatment procedures for each.


Learn what vaccines are and why The Youth Clinic whole-heartedly supports them from our Pediatrician, John Guenther, MD. This video discusses how vaccines create immunity as well as the safety of them for your children and family.

Infant Carrier Car Seat Safety

Lauren Miltenberg, a Pediatrician, reviews infant style car seats. She discusses overall safety through correct buckling, positioning and other common risk associated avoidances.

PDF Resources

When to Call a Doctor

Review this list of common situations where you should be contacting your doctor including redness around the umbilical cord, irregular eating patterns and more.

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How to Choose Formula

Trying to decide which formula is best for your baby can be overwhelming. The Youth Clinic is happy to provide guidance on this topic with a brief overview of several basic types of formula.

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Caring For Your Newborn During COVID-19

Welcoming a new baby into the world can be a wonderful yet challenging experience, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Youth Clinic is here to help you relieve the worries of the unknowns and understand how to protect your infant and breastfeed during COVID-19.

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