Young Adults 17+

Many milestones occur as your child ages; starting a first job, graduation, moving out of the home, starting college. While your older teen undergoes their transition into adulthood it is important for parents to stay abreast of healthcare needs. The Youth Clinic is happy to continue providing care for your young adult through the college years at which time the Youth Clinic will assist your young adult transition to a practitioner who cares for adults. To guarantee an easy transition we offer a checklist for young adults as they “graduate” from pediatric care to adult medicine.

Sign authorization to share information: Once your teen turns 18, he is an adult in the eyes of the legal and healthcare systems, which means he’ll have to handle his healthcare information. He’ll need to sign an authorization to share information, which enables The Youth Clinic to share healthcare records with parents or other trusted individuals. Colleges require similar forms to share sensitive information about grades, billing, and healthcare centers with parents, as 18-year-olds are protected by privacy laws.

Schedule a Well Care Visit before college
Make sure your teen leaves home with a clean bill of health. Schedule a checkup before he leaves for college. If your teen is entering the workforce, encourage him to find a family practice provider who treats adults.

Collegiate check-offs
Many students starting college may need a tuberculosis test. Check your student’s college requirements to determine if this is necessary.  Additionally, some college athletes may need a sickle cell test prior to participating in collegiate sports. Make sure to check your student’s collegiate requirements before school begins.

Get current
Ensure your teen’s immunizations are up to date. Verify that all prescriptions are current. If your teen is leaving for college, determine which pharmacy will fill prescriptions.

Determine insurance coverage
Many students remain on their parents’ health insurance while they’re at college, but some opt for student health insurance offered by their school. Develop a plan to keep your teen continuously covered as he goes to college.

Know resources
Most campuses offer a student health center that provides basic healthcare. Make sure your student knows where it is and how to access care before he is sick and needs treatment.

Rely on
Our Symptom Checker is always available for a quick diagnosis when your teen is away.