Healthy Travels

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Traveling abroad? There are a lot of things to consider, especially for children who are traveling abroad for the first time. Our Healthy Travels Program provides comprehensive and individualized information regarding vaccinations, treating common travel illnesses, and health resources available when away from home.

Our Healthy Travels Program Covers:

  • Comprehensive and individualized assessment of the traveler’s itinerary and health history.
  • Travel immunizations and prophylaxis including Hepatitis A, TdaP, and Malaria.
  • Information about travel illnesses including traveler’s diarrhea.
  • Counseling regarding food and water safety.
  • Completion of any required travel paperwork related to health and immunizations.
  • A customized Travel Handbook and Travel Kit will be provided.

Any active patient of The Youth Clinic who has had a Well Care Visit within the past 12 months can participate in our Healthy Travels Program.

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Most insurance companies do not cover travel immunizations or consultation. You will be asked to pay $50 prior to the visit. A $25 charge will be assessed for each sibling traveling at the same time if applicable. Cash, check or credit card is accepted.

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When & How to Schedule An Appointment?

It is ideal to see your physician six weeks prior to travel to ensure proper spacing of required travel immunizations and prophylaxis. Please call (970) 267-9510 ext. 1803 for more information about our Healthy Travels Program or to schedule an appointment.

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Healthy Travels

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Download the Mobile Passport App before traveling to expedite the process.

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