The Youth Clinic Has Moved To EPIC!

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Starting On October 3rd 2022

The Youth Clinic Migrated To The UC Health
EPIC Community Health Record

EPIC is a community-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) offering patients and providers within the Northern Colorado community interconnectivity of health information. This interconnectivity benefits patients by providing important health information to all members of a patient’s care team including: Primary Care Providers, Specialists and Health Systems.

To ensure your family’s continued access to convenient online features and access to medical information, we are encouraging all families to sign up for a “My Health Connection” portal account.

With A “My Health Connection” Portal Account You Can:

Securely Message Your Youth Clinic Provider

View Your Child’s Medical Record

Schedule An Appointment

Pay Your Bill

Get Appointment Reminders

Renew Or Refill Prescriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please See Answers To Common Questions Regarding This Change

When will the Youth Clinic be live on the community UC Health EPIC Electronic Health Record?

Our practice goes live on October 3rd 2022.

Were the Youth Clinic and Pediatric Urgent Care purchased by UC Health?

No, the Youth Clinic has entered into an agreement with UC Health to access their Community Electronic Health Record (EHR). This partnership already exists with many community providers enabling continuity of care across our medical community.

Why does the "My Health Connection" portal have UC Health on it?

UC Health developed the “My Health Connection” portal in the effort to offer community patients and providers access to a complete medical record including; hospital stays, primary care visits and community specialist records.

What happens to my Child’s medical records once the Youth Clinic goes on the community UC Health EPIC Electronic Health Record?

Your child’s medical records prior to the Youth Clinic joining the UC Health Community EHR will continue to be accessible through our current Patient Portal “Follow My Health”. You are also always able to request copies of your child’s medical records from our office.

After the Youth Clinic moves to the UC Health platform, you will be able to access medical records through the “My Health Connection”  portal.

How long will I be able to access records from “Follow My Health”?

There currently is not an end of life planned for the “Follow My Health” portal. State laws require the Youth Clinic to maintain medical records for a period of ten (10) years.

I already have a "My Health Connection" Portal Account how do I Sign up my child for a portal account?

If your child is 14 or under you must first add yourself as a “My Health Connection” patient. Once you have your own portal account you can sign up to get access to your child’s account.


My Child is over 14, how do I get access to their "My Health Connection" account?

For patients ages 14-17 you may request access to the patient My Health Connection portal account by using the links below.

I send secure messages to my Provider through the current patient portal, will I still be able to message my Provider through "My Health Connection"?

Yes, the “My Health Connection” portal works just like the “Follow My Health” portal. It is important that you sign up for access to this portal and select your child’s Youth Clinic provider as the Primary Care Provider (PCP).

Will I be able to access my child’s Medical Information on your new Electronic Health Record?

Yes, your child’s patient records, lab results, immunizations and other medical information will be accessible through the My Health Connection portal. Use the link below to sign up.

How Can I sign up to get access to My Health Connection?

Use the links below to set up a My Health Connection Portal Account.

Why did the Youth Clinic switch to the community UC Health EPIC Electronic Health Record?

Having access to a patients complete medical record including records from Specialists, Hospitals, and other community providers, ensures your child is receiving appropriate and coordinated care.

Will the "My Health Connection" portal have my child's past medical records (prior to October 3rd)?

No, however you will still be able to access your Child’s previous medical records through the “Follow My Health” patient portal. Additionally, you can contact our Medical Records department to obtain complete medical records.

Next Steps

Sign Up for a  “My Health Connection” Account

If you don’t already have a My Health Connection portal account, use the link below to get yourself registered. Please note to access your child’s medical information you will need to have your own portal account.

Sign Up For A New My Health Connection Account

I Already Have a “My Health Connection” Account.

If you have already have a My Health Connection Account, use the link below to set up proxy access.

Learn more about setting up Proxy Access For your Family