Pre-Visit Check-In

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For your convenience, The Youth Clinic now offers pre-visit check-in through Phreesia.

How Phreesia works:
Two days before your visit, you will receive a text message or an email (call to make sure we have the correct cell phone number or email address on file for your family!) that contains all of the paperwork required for your visit.

If you are unable to complete the paperwork at home before your visit, please be sure to arrive early so that you can complete the paperwork on our secure, in-office Phreesia tablets.

Why Use Our Pre-Visit Check-In?

Faster check-in experience, giving you more time to talk about your child’s health.

Done on your own time, from the privacy of your own home (and device).

Simple, quick, and secure check-in for your child’s appointments.

Privacy: We do not sell, rent or share your information with third parties. Period. The information is stored securely on our servers and accessed only by your doctor’s office.