COVID-19 Information

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The Youth Clinic is committed to providing the Northern Colorado community with services and information regarding Covid-19. Learn more about our services, safety protocols, and find helpful articles and resources about the Covid-19 virus. 





Binax Antigen:

This test is a 15-minute rapid test—only used on symptomatic patients and it is a swab in the nares (very non-invasive).

Sensitivity: 97.1%
Accuracy: 98.5%

IDNow Molecular:

This test is a 12-15 minute rapid test—used on asymptomatic and symptomatic patients and it is a swab in the nares.

Sensitivity: 95%
Accuracy: 97.9%

Biofire RVP with Covid:

This is a 65 minute in house test- also known as a Respiratory Viral Panel. It tests several viral illnesses including COVID. It is collected in the intranasal cavity (brain tickler). This test can be used for symptomatic patients and asymptomatic patients. It is also used as a follow-up test to a patient who has tested negative with one of the other tests and still has a “high probability” of having COVID.

Sensitivity: 98%
Accuracy: 100%

Call Us at (970) 485-2515 to Schedule a COVID-19 Test

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COVID-19 Vaccinations

Youth Clinic Patients

We offer COVID-19 vaccines for Youth Clinic patients aged 6 months and older.   Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are available in office.  If you are a parent of a current Youth Clinic patient, call to schedule an appointment during regular business hours.  

Community Members

Please use link below to help find a vaccination clinic in your community.

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  Safety Protocols

  • Masking Guidelines:  UPDATED 9/30/2022
    Masks are now OPTIONAL in all The Youth Clinic offices and the Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado for staff and families EXCEPT if you are experiencing any illness symptoms or have tested positive for COVID. 
    * This policy is subject to change with increasing case counts or mandates.  We thank you for your support!
  • Please also note that the Timnath office will no longer serve as a drop-off and pickup location at this time. All forms and prescriptions should be requested for pickup at one of our other three office locations.

COVID-19 Testing Information

The Youth Clinic has 3 different ways to test for COVID-19, and all are above 95% accurate. Testing does require an appointment at either Youth Clinic or Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado. Click a topic below to learn more.

Call Us at (970) 485-2515 to Schedule a COVID-19 Test


“Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a single strand of coded material that instructs cells to produce specific proteins. The COVID-19 vaccines made by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna use mRNA to create immunity without infecting our body’s cells. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been thoroughly evaluated for its effectiveness and has accumulated the most information about the body’s response to the vaccine and we are eagerly waiting for the FDA’s approval for use in children ages five and up.”

– Dr. Guenther, a Youth Clinic Pediatrician. To learn more about mRNA vaccines, read Dr. Guenther’s latest article here.

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Helpful Articles About COVID-19