Express Flu Clinics


Flu Season Is Not Over Yet! Call to Schedule an Appointment

Our Express Flu Clinics may be over, but flu season is not!  You can still help fight the flu and protect you and your family!!!

Call to schedule an appt today and you too can be Flu Fighter! 970.482.2515

When you call, be prepared: 

Know dates available • Know number of people • Have all birth dates ready

  • Appointments are required
  • Insurance will be billed (we do not accept Adult Medicare or Adult Kaiser)
  • Charges will apply for no-show appointments
  • Save your family time in line by complete your paperwork 2 days before your appointment using Phreesia, our new electronic check-in system

FLU SHOT (Flu Mist Not Available):

  • Inactive (dead) virus
  • Preservative Free
  • Intramuscular-shot given in arm or leg
  • Available to anyone over 6 months of age including those over 50 years of age
  • May cause minor symptoms but will NOT cause anyone to get “the flu”


  • Past Severe Reaction to Flu Vaccine
  • Parent Note: Flu shots given to parents will be billed to insurance