Patient Portal

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Features of The Youth Clinic’s patient portal proxy access (for parents/guardians with children 12 and under):

  • Review your child’s medical records, including immunizations, vitals, conditions and medications
  • Request prescription refills from your child’s provider
  • View lab and test results
  • Receive email and text reminders regarding your child’s care (please see note below)
  • Receive appointment reminders and fill out select new patient forms online prior to arriving at the office
  • Exchange secure messages with staff at The Youth Clinic
  • Pay your bill online (make sure all pop-up blockers are disabled for
  • Review, download or even send your child’s vaccination records to their school
  • Manage your child’s personal information online, such as updating insurance and demographic information
  • Receive patient education materials from your provider
  • Access your child’s health information “on the go” via your smart phone or tablet

Note: Only the primary (initial) proxy account for each patient will get email and text notifications. In cases where multiple parents/guardians would like proxy access to a patient account, secondary proxy accounts are available. With a secondary proxy account, the owner can still access the patient’s medical information through the portal without restriction. However, due to technical limitations, no notifications can be sent to the secondary proxy account owner at this time. We acknowledge that this is not ideal for many family situations; however, we do expect the limitation to be addressed in a future update to the patient portal environment. We will provide updates when this issue has been addressed and greatly appreciate your patience in the interim.

Proxy account policy concerning teenage patients:

As our patients enter their teenage years, providers and staff at The Youth Clinic are committed to tailoring our offerings and services to accommodate their changing needs. To that end, we encourage teens to take a more prominent role in their healthcare decisions. Additionally, teenage patients, at their discretion, hold the legal right to keep details of their medical treatment confidential. Due to these reasons, our patient portal discontinues updates to the parent’s proxy account when the patient turns 13. At that time, we encourage your teenager to sign up for their own patient portal account. Historical patient data, entered previous to their 13th birthday, will remain accessible to the parent under their proxy account indefinitely.

Links to patient portal sign-up forms:

Proxy account sign-up (for children 12 years of age and under).

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