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Brian Mesinger, Ph.D.

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What year did you join The Youth Clinic?


What is one activity every child living in Northern Colorado should experience?

Being outdoors for extended periods, detached from devices.

What is your favorite part about working with your patients?

Supporting change/healing in children and families during critical moments, normal growth and development and acute crises.

Get to Know Dr. Brian Mesinger

Dr. Brian Mesinger has over 35 years of clinical experience in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of behavioral and mental health concerns (Anxiety, Depression, Developmental Disorders, anger, OCD, Substance abuse, family conflict etc.). His extensive training and experience include:

  • Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Hofstra University’s APA approved Clinical/Child psychology program (6 years)
  • Clinical internships in Pediatric (health/medical) psychology
  • School Psychology
  • In-patient and out-patient medical settings

Dr. Mesinger’s favorite part about working with his patients is the variability in people’s stories and struggles, supporting change/healing in children and families during critical moments, normal growth and development and acute crises. He particularly enjoys working with adolescents and young adults.

Outside of work, Dr. Mesinger enjoys mountain biking, hiking, reading, traveling, photography, home renovation, and hanging out with his dogs.

Working With Dr. Mesinger
Developing an accurate understanding of your concerns and your child’s current functioning is essential in utilizing ‘best care’ practices in an effective treatment plan. There is literally no problem that he has not seen and Dr. Mesinger will always work with other professionals or make referrals as needed. Dr. Mesinger is highly skilled in multiple treatment modalities including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), family therapy, growth-oriented/decision-making work with adolescents and young adults, testing and assessment, parenting tips and advice etc. When you are struggling to understand your child or adolescent’s behavior, Brian is here to help.


“I wish I could give 1 million stars! Brian has been working with my son since he was 3-4. He is now 19 and in college. With Brian’s guidance, my son’s transition from middle to high school and then to college was a lot less bumpy. He has given guidance and techniques to make my son a college success story as he has been on the Deans list since day 1!”
– Krissie E.

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