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Celia Lenarz-Geisen, MD

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What year did you join The Youth Clinic?


What is one activity every child living in Northern Colorado should experience?

Growing some food!

What is your favorite part about working with your patients?

Watching kids develop their sense of self and personality.

Get to Know Celia

With her expertise and caring approach, Dr. Celia Lenarz-Geisen is excited to join The Youth Clinic in August 2023 and contribute to the health and happiness of children in Northern Colorado. With a focus on primary care and global health, Dr. Lenarz-Geisen completed her residency at the University of Colorado. During her training, she conducted research on nutrition and breastfeeding, and developed an interest in the intersection of climate health and human health.

Dr. Lenarz-Geisen is a graduate of the University of Rochester in New York, where she completed her undergraduate studies, and obtained her medical degree from New York University. Her diverse background and educational experiences have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of pediatric medicine.

As a dedicated pediatrician, Dr. Lenarz-Geisen finds immense joy in witnessing the development of her young patients’ sense of self and personality. She is committed to providing personalized care that supports their overall well-being.

Outside of work, Dr. Lenarz-Geisen embraces an active lifestyle. She enjoys running, skate skiing, cooking, and gardening. Her passion for sustainability and healthy living extends beyond the clinic, as she encourages families to grow their own food, fostering a connection to nature and promoting healthy habits.

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