5 Steps to Homeschool Success for Parents

During the beginning of COVID-19, many schools (if not all schools) moved children to online learning at home. Some schools are even doing a hybrid schedule where children spend some of their time at home and the other part of their time in the classroom. This has been quite the challenge for parents throughout the last year! If you are still feeling this way about homeschool, you are not alone.

We have gathered a few tips to help you navigate the challenge of homeschooling.

Create a designated learning space

Living and learning under the same roof is difficult. By creating a designated learning space for your child(ren), you will help them stay focused and organized. Everything stays in one spot which makes it easier to keep track of books, supplies, and projects, and students know that when they are in this room/area, it is time to do school work.

Follow a daily schedule

Homeschooling can be incredibly flexible, but by following a schedule, your children are less likely to get distracted and go off track. Kids thrive with a basic structure and routine, so we recommend creating implementing a basic schedule to start and building on to it as you and your children adjust to it.

Set Reasonable Expectations

This is one of the most important tips for homeschool. If your child is struggling to stay motivated or getting frustrated with their schoolwork, take a minute to evaluate the expectations that have been set for them. Talk with your child and their teacher to create a plan that will work best for them.

Be Patient

As a parent, you are used to being able to power through multiple tasks in a short amount of time. This typically isn’t the case with children as they are learning something new. When assisting with schoolwork, try to let your child guide the pace and be patient with whatever pace they determine.

Take Breaks

Breaks are so important, so provide your child with plenty of them! Set aside time each day to do something creative or active with your children. These short spurts of time are great for exerting any extra energy that builds up and helps with focus once they get back to their schoolwork.

Adapting to homeschool with your children is a challenge, but keep in mind that there is no perfect way to do it! As we mentioned, it is important to be patient with your children (and yourself!) while you get the hang of it and find what works best.

If you need additional tips or are worried about your child’s lack of concentration or focus at home, please schedule an appointment by calling 970.482.2515 so we can talk more about this!

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