Asthma Facts


Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways.

  • 1 in 10 children have asthma
  • 57% of children are prone to asthma attacks
  • 80 – 90 % of children with asthma have allergies that trigger it.


Can occur daily, weekly or infrequently and include:

  • A cough, wheeze, chest tightness/pressure/pain, shortness of breath, interrupted sleep.

Allergies can be seasonal or environmental and can cause:

  • Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy eyes, skin rash
  • Asthma may worsen with changes in seasons or exposure to triggers which can include:
  • Allergens – dust, mold, pollen, pet dander
  • Cigarette smoke, perfumes, cleaning products
  • Respiratory infections, cold, influenza
  • Exercise
  • Extreme changes in temperature

How to manage your triggers and maintain good control of your asthma

  • Make sure to use your spacer with each inhaler
  • Start allergy medication before allergies flare (Zyrtec, Claritin)
  • Take your controller medications as directed
  • Use nasal rinses regularly
  • Make sure all asthma medications are current and not expired
  • Follow your personalized Asthma Action Plan