Best Baby Monitors

best baby monitorsParenthood is a round-the-clock job, but baby monitors make it easy to multitask while your baby is down for a nap, so it’s no wonder they’re a massively popular item on baby registries each year. It’s also no wonder manufacturers are flooding the market with monitors, making it difficult to identify the best baby monitors when you’re shopping.

Parents can choose from hundreds of models, so determining what the best baby monitor for your family is the first step in shopping. The Youth Clinic offers some of our favorites at every price point and function.

WiFi Baby Monitors

WiFi baby monitors are the most versatile monitors on the market, piggybacking on your home’s WiFi network, and streaming video and audio to an app on your phone. With the ability to monitor baby from anywhere in the world, it’s the choice for on-the-go parents, and you won’t need to tote an additional device to peek in on your child.


Video Baby Monitors

Video baby monitors provide visual and audio capabilities, and operate off the internet, a feature privacy-minded parents and those who don’t want the hassle of securing a WiFi monitor will appreciate. Parents monitor their child on a handheld device that connects directly to a camera setup, though ranges of systems differ by model.


Audio Baby Monitors

Audio baby monitors have been helping parents since the ’90s, and give the most economical coverage for remote nursery coverage. A microphone in baby’s room alerts parents on a remote speaker, much like a walkie-talkie. Because they are self-contained, durable and easy to set up, they’re favored by parents who travel.