Congratulations To Our Positivity Project Winners!

Middle School and High School students were invited to participate in Words Matter, the Youth Clinic Positivity Project where they were encouraged to share positivity through art and language. Congratulations to our winners who have each won a $200 cash prize and will be displayed in Fort Collins at local businesses! View their art below and the meaning behind each submission.


Thank you to everyone who participated!


art submission for positivity project

NAME: Erin Cannady
SCHOOL/GRADE: Ridgeview Classical Schools – 8th grade

MEANING BEHIND THE ART: I think that my art is inspiring because I think that it shows that beauty can be found everywhere. In a hummingbird, a flower, and people. A lot of people, my age, older, and younger, feel like they aren’t pretty enough. It also doesn’t help that people encourage that feeling with what is “cool” and what is not good enough. I think that my painting can show that beauty is everywhere, even if it is hard to find. It can be found in people, in animals, and in nature. I think that we just have to look a little harder to find it than just looking at the surface.


art submission for positivity project


NAME: Siratan Wongsathapornchai
SCHOOL/GRADE: Lesher Middle School – 7th grade

MEANING BEHIND THE ART: This picture represents that words can cause many emotions
to people. The left side represents all the consequences that might happen if you say
negative things, and the right side represents all the outcomes that might happen when
people say positive things to others. This image came to my mind because I realized people
can say good and bad things to other that may cause different outcomes


art submission for positivity project


NAME: Aidan Scully
SCHOOL/GRADE: Poudre High School – 9th grade

MEANING BEHIND THE ART: I thought my art would be an inspiring message for everyone in the world to share. I included words of encouragement because I thought hearing those words myself would make each day even better and better. I drew the hand in a colorful peace sign to symbolize peace between ALL people.