Featured Recipe: Pumpkin-Inspired Healthy Snacks

There’s no doubt that snacking is a major part of any kid’s day. Whether it’s a small boost before soccer practice or a pre-dinner appetizer, it’s important to encourage smart snacking habits in our children. No matter the time of day, snacking is meant to help curb hunger, energize and help kids refocus. While they might be tempting, cookies and chips won’t accomplish any of these positive snack-time objectives. Instead, they’ll actually leave your little one feeling more sluggish and unmotivated.

The entire staff at The Youth Clinic is dedicated to helping kids learn to make smart snack choices whenever and wherever hunger strikes. To help you and your children get in the habit of making smart snack decisions, we’ve put together a few seasonal snack ideas:

Pumpkin-Carrot Snack Bars

Healthy Snacking | The Youth Clinic


Party Pumpkin Seeds

Healthy Snacking | The Youth Clinic

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