Formula Shortage

We understand that the current formula shortage within the US is very concerning to our families and we are here to help as we can. The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine has recently put out a statement with advice for those with infants in their care. You can access that link here.

If you need urgent assistance, never hesitate to reach out to our dietitians for help.

Below are some guidelines on how to navigate this shortage

  • If your baby is on a standard formula, transitioning to a generic or more available brand is generally safe. You can consider gradually introducing it to ensure tolerance.
  • Consider pasteurized donor human milk from the Mother’s Milk Bank if you have the means and availability to purchase it.
  • Generally, we discourage “milk sharing.” If you are considering utilizing another person’s breast milk that has not been processed through an official donation site such as the Mother’s Milk Bank, this should only be done with trusted family members and friends.  Ideally, the donor would have had testing to ensure they are free of transmissible diseases.
  • Avoid the use of homemade recipes for formula as these can be harmful and lack the specific nutrients your baby needs.
  • Do not mix formula differently than how it’s written on the package instruction. This could have serious consequences for the infant.
  • Avoid using whole cow’s milk until the baby is at least 1 year old as this can be harmful to the baby’s kidneys.