How To Create A Healthy Plate

Help your family eat more fruits and vegetables! Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and help us feel full. Their nutrients help maintain healthy hearts and are protective against cancer. However, many people (adults and children!) do not get enough in. Here are a few tips and tricks to help your family balance their plate.

Fill half the plate with fruits and vegetables at both lunch and dinner

a diagram that shows portions of food groups that kids should eat including fruits, veggies, grains, proteins and dairy

Make it easy

  • Have a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table
  • Offer a healthy dip with vegetables (guacamole, hummus) to add a different flavor
  • Put a vegetable tray out for dinner every night…in addition to other fruits and vegetables you are enjoying

Kids in the kitchen

  • Enlist kids of all ages to help prepare dinner.  The more they see/touch/smell the foods, the easier it is for them to eat
  • Allow your kids to help meal plan, using the MyPlate as a guide.  Encourage them to look for pictures/recipes that sound good to them

Be creative

  • Jazz up flavors of fruits and veggies.    A shredded carrot/pineapple/yogurt salad may be better accepted than plain cooked carrots.  Add cinnamon to roasted sweet potato or parmesan cheese to roasted cauliflower. Blend frozen spinach or avocado along with fruit for a morning smoothie
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your family favorites:  chopped zucchini or mushrooms into spaghetti sauce, berries into waffle/pancake batter, and pinto beans into soup

Have tips for getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables? Leave us a comment to share your ideas on creating a healthy plate for kids!

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