How To Entertain A Sick Child Without Screen Time

When your child is not feeling well, it can be difficult to keep her busy without screen time. However, even if your daughter just wants to watch YouTube videos while she rests, it is best to find other ways to keep your child entertained. Depending on the type of illness, she may be rather limited in her ability to be active. Therefore, it is important to find stimulating entertainment that does not require too much movement. Here are some ideas on how to keep your sick child amused without relying on screen time.

Family Photo Albums

One idea for helping a sick child pass the time is to sit with them and look at family photo albums. An easy way to start is by comparing photos of you as a child with your child’s baby photos. This helps to establish a connection and keeps them engaged in the activity. Additionally, you may find your child to be very curious as to how you grew up without modern conveniences like tablets, cell phones, or the internet. Not only will you be entertaining your daughter, but you may also have the opportunity to educate her as well.

Start a Puzzle

Another way to keep a child who is ill entertained is by starting a puzzle. While a puzzle may seem like an outdated choice, many children are quick to join in helping their parents. If you start the puzzle then ask for their help, your child may be more interested in helping you solve the puzzle. Also, puzzles are an easy activity to start and stop at any time. If your child becomes too tired to finish, you can pick up where you left off later.

Play a Game

The third activity for a sick child is to play a board game or a card game. For many children, they rarely play such games with their parents outside of family game nights. This is a chance to interact with your child positively during an unfortunate illness. While rest and medical attention are the primary solutions for sickness, the joy of playing a game can certainly help, too.

Have other ideas for entertaining a sick child without relying on screen time? Let us know your favorite ideas in the comments!

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