How to Treat Your Child’s Nosebleed

Although a nosebleed can sometimes be alarming, keep in mind that parents can usually treat a child’s nosebleed at home. It is important to stay calm because most nosebleeds are short-lived and do not indicate a serious problem.

Here are the steps that we recommend taking at home to treat your child’s nosebleed:

Step One

Start by sitting your child down and reassuring them that everything is okay! Have them sit still, upright and leaning slightly forward.

Step Two

Do not lean your child back or lie them down because this can cause them to swallow some of the blood and could cause them to cough.

Step Three

Gently pinch the tip of your child’s nose between two fingers using a tissue or clean towel and have them breathe through their mouth. Do not fill their nose with gauze or tissue.

Step Four

Continue to apply pressure for around 10 minutes, even if the bleeding stops.

Most nosebleeds in children are due to dry air, nose picking, nasal allergies, or other factors that irritate the delicate blood vessels in the front of the nose. They are not often a cause of concern unless they are frequent or starting after taking a new medication.

If you have any questions about nosebleeds, why they occur and more tips for how to help your child at home, please contact us to make an appointment!