Keep Your Kids Moving this Winter

diverse teens ice skating

With winter quickly approaching, now is the time to start planning holiday activities for the kids. A favorite winter past time for many parents and children alike is ice skating, and it is a great way to keep your kids active during the cold winter months.   When deciding where to ice skate this winter, there are plenty of options including both indoor and outdoor ice skating. Indoor arenas often require a little bit more planning because they often house skating lessons and hockey practices. Outdoor skating areas are more seasonal, and as the winter holidays approach, more venues might open. Before heading out with the kids to ice skate this winter, be sure to research the hours and rink availability.

Indoor Ice Skating in Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado offers multiple choices for indoor ice skating. Two very popular options are the Edora Pool Ice Center (EPIC) and the NoCo Ice Center, both located in Fort Collins. The Edora Pool Ice Center offers open ice skating every day of the week, but the hours are limited due to the other skating activities they offer, such as speed skating lessons and hockey practices. Admission is just $4 for kids (and $5 for adults) while skate rental is $3. Check the EPIC website for updated hours and prices.

The NoCo Ice Center has limited open skate hours during peak hockey season. This means from September to February, it is important to check the schedule. Admission prices are $5 for children 3 and up, and skate rental is also $5. Visit the NoCo ICe website for their open skate hours.

Outdoor Winter Skating

While indoor skating is enjoyable year-round, winter ice skating is best enjoyed outdoors. Located at The Promenade Shops at Centerra in Loveland, The Ice Rink is a popular winter ice skating destination. Prices are all-inclusive for the entire day covering admission and skate rentals. The Ice Rink also offers extended hours during winter break but is closed some holidays. Before you go, check The Ice Rink’s website for hours of operation.

Finally, for those looking for some natural winter skating, Fort Fun offers pond skating when weather permits. However, the pond is only open on weekends during the winter, although there are some weekdays during winter break.

If your children are looking for a fun winter activity, embrace the cold and go ice skating today!