New Boys’ Adolescence Class Announced

The Youth Clinic is happy to announce the addition of Healthy Steps, a boys-only program developed to help ease the transition into puberty. Intended for boys ages 11-13 and a parent, the boys’ adolescence class takes some of the angst out of puberty with honest discussions about growing up and the physical and emotional changes that come along for the ride.

Moderated by Mason Weibe, a certified physician assistant, the program takes a relaxed approach to defuse the tension and awkwardness frequently associated with puberty – for children and parents alike. With breakaway “talk sessions” that encourage boys to discuss issues with their parents, the course covers a variety of topics, ranging from an overview of physical changes of puberty to instilling healthy habits for a lifetime of good health. Healthy Steps discusses the male reproductive system, but doesn’t go in depth about sex.

The Youth Clinic hosts the first course Sept. 28. Register now while space remains.

Healthy Steps complements Healthy Transitions, a course for 9- to 11-year-old girls to explore their adolescence.