Pediatric Health Care During COVID-19

Pediatric Health Care Matters Now More Than Ever

As we negotiate our new normal in the age of Coronavirus we are all hopeful for a vaccine or effective treatment.  But realistically, we know this will be many months or even years away.  In the meantime, it is crucial to continue providing exceptional health care for children.

While the headlines are full of tragic COVID-19 news, we cannot lose sight of the bigger picture for children.  To date in the United States, we have had 3 confirmed pediatric deaths (under 15 years old).  That represents 0.06% of all pediatric deaths over the same time period.

COVID-19 continues to pale in comparison to pediatric deaths from injury, cancer, suicide, child abuse, influenza, pneumonia and bacterial sepsis.  Providing ongoing well and sick care along with immunizations is our best defense against the much larger threats to our children.

This is why The Youth Clinic continues to provide a safe place for pediatric care in Northern Colorado.

Changes we’ve made at both Youth Clinic and Pediatric Urgent Care include:

  • Sick and well offices
  • Eliminating time in the waiting room with check-in from your car
  • Telehealth when appropriate
  • Hybrid Well Care (Telephone discussions with your provider team prior to entering the office and limited face time while in the office for measurements, appropriate screenings, exams, and immunizations)
  • Access to testing for COVID-19 when needed

Partnering with families to keep kids healthy has been our mission for over 50 years, although our world has changed, our mission has not. 


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