Healthy Lungs

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Don’t just cope with Asthma. Control it. We want all families with children experiencing asthma to be well-prepared for how to handle this chronic illness. Our Healthy Lungs Program was developed to bring asthma education to those with asthma. We are proud to offer customized asthma care and education for our patients through this program. Asthma education topics include asthma management goals, daily management of asthma, common asthma triggers, and more.

As a parent, here is what to expect at a Healthy Lungs appointment:

  • Develop an understanding of the difference between a healthy airway and an asthmatic airway and what occurs when their child is having an asthma attack.
  • Gain a general understanding of how their child’s asthma medication works and how each medication works to control specific symptoms.
  • Learn the difference between a quick-relief medication and a long-term controller medication and when their child should be using their medication.
  • Develop the ability to demonstrate how to accurately use and care for their child’s asthma inhalers and equipment.
  • Learn about and create their child’s Asthma Action Plan.
  • Will be able to identify their child’s environmental triggers and how to avoid them.
  • Learn how to handle emergency asthma situations.

Parents can request a Healthy Lungs referral from their child’s provider and then we will reach out to schedule you and your child a one-on-one appointment with one of our Healthy Lungs educators.

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Healthy Lungs

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Asthma Facts

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After-Hours Urgent Care

Have an urgent asthma issue? Visit our pediatric urgent care facility for after-hours care.