Healthy Transitions (Girls)

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This special class for girls ages 9-11* is designed to teach them about the transition to becoming a young woman. The class is intended to have a parent or other guardian attend, as there are “talk sessions” throughout the class when the girls are encouraged to discuss things with them.

The class covers physical, emotional, and social changes associated with puberty while promoting positive body image and healthy lifestyle choices. Our relaxed atmosphere helps minimize the embarrassment and awkwardness often associated with these topics and promotes honest conversations while fostering good communication between girls and their parents.

*We previously listed this class as appropriate for girls 9-12 but have found that some 12-year-olds are developmentally and intellectually beyond this presentation. If you have a 12-year-old who has not yet progressed too far through puberty or is a “young” 12, it may still be appropriate for her.

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Healthy Transitions Covers:

  • The female reproductive system and why we have it; includes anatomy and function for each part, and how they relate to puberty and periods. We do not go in-depth about sex, but merely point out that eggs come from the female and sperm from the male for reproduction to occur.
  • What to expect with the typical course of puberty and how the body will change, as well as the expected time frame for each step.
  • The menstrual cycle, what to expect with periods, and how to handle them. This includes showing various kinds of pads and tampons, how to use them and when it is appropriate to use them.
  • Discussion about handling the emotional changes that often accompany puberty and getting older.
  • Healthy habits are important to develop during adolescence for a lifetime of good health!
  • Useful books and online sites to help girls and parents navigate puberty and adolescence.
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Meet Our Healthy Transitions Teacher

Traci Hess, PA-C

Traci Hess joined The Youth Clinic in 1998 after graduating from the Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant Program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver. She is licensed by the State of Colorado and certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

Upcoming Class Dates

Upcoming class dates as well as class registration is available on our event calendar.