Safe Halloween Costumes for Kids

Most parents know the protocol of typical Halloween safety tips: travel with young children, stay away from busy streets and review all treats to screen for suspicious, opened candy. Trick-or-treat safety starts long before you head out with your little goblins, though. Make sure your children’s costume isn’t a danger with guidelines for safe kids’ Halloween costumes.

  • Sized Right: Halloween is a great time to try out new outfits, but baggy clothes and oversized shoes aren’t practical, particularly when planning to walk the neighborhood. Poorly sized clothing can become a tripping hazard, and long, flowing fabrics can catch the light on nearby jack-o-lanterns.
  • Light It Up: Trick-or-treaters can be difficult to see after dusk, so ensure motorists and others can spot them from afar by encouraging reflective, lightly colored costumes. Sometimes, that’s not practical, we know, so get creative: Darth Vader blends in with the shadows, but his lightsaber can serve as a lighted beacon.
  • Think Visibility: It’s not just motorists who need to see: Trick-or-treaters may struggle with visibility issues of their own. If possible, opt for face paint over masks. When face coverings are essential to a look (like Darth Vader), make sure your child selects a mask that fits well and doesn’t impede his vision.
  • Be Wary of Props: Swords, pitchforks, spears and other props can be a lot of fun at home, but make sure they’re dull and soft enough to be safe in a fall off a curb or porch. Better yet, encourage props to be left at home altogether. (You’ll probably just end up toting them yourself, anyway.)
  • Stay Warm: You live in Colorado, which means it could be 78 degrees when you choose a costume on Oct. 24, and 28 degrees when it’s time to trick or treat. Make sure costumes will work when warm-weather gear is necessary.

Safe Halloween costumes for kids don’t have to sacrifice the fun of dressing up! Plan ahead and get creative this year.