Simple Steps for Healthy Living

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.

Choose healthy fats

  • Add sliced avocado instead of cheese to a sandwich
  • Try fish tacos instead of ground beef tacos for dinner
  • Choose nuts as a great afternoon snack

Aim for at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day

  • Add berries to cereal in the morning
  • Try adding frozen chopped spinach and sliced mushrooms to your spaghetti sauce
  • Have pepper slices with hummus at lunch

Include lean protein at meals and snacks

  • Combine a piece of low fat string cheese with a piece of fruit for snack
  • Try low fat cottage cheese at breakfast instead of just cereal
  • Grill extra chicken breast that can be used on salad or in burritos

Go for Whole Grains

  • Think about oatmeal for breakfast
  • Try quinoa or barley as a side dish at dinner instead of white rice or pasta
  • Watch out for convenience snacks such as granola bars or crackers. Try air popped popcorn to get your crunchy fix

Try for one meatless meal per week

  • Have stir fry with lots of vegetables and edamame or tofu
  • Spaghetti with pasta sauce full of mushrooms and peppers
  • Bean burritos

Be Active!

  • Find something you and your family love to do and do it often!!!
  • Kids play instead of exercise. Structure their day to include 30 minutes of playtime: throwing the Frisbee, dancing, playing with an indoor basketball hoop
  • Have a family pedometer challenge!
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