Specialist Practitioners at The Youth Clinic

You already know that The Youth Clinic of Northern Colorado provides routine pediatric care, and see it as your go-to destination when your child is sick. Did you know the Youth Clinic is also home to specialist providers who can help your family with a variety of issues?

The Youth Clinic is a perfect starting point for families who need specialist care. Our team of specialists include:

  • Behavioral and Mental Health: Dr. Brian Mesinger has more than 25 years of experience treating everything from anxiety and depression to family conflict issues. He’s happy to work alongside other professionals and develop a plan to address your child or adolescent’s health.
  • Speech Pathology: Roxanne K. Batezel, M.S.C.C.C has helped children and teens overcome speech and communications obstacles at The Youth Clinic since 2000, and is your primary resource for a wide variety of speech-related issues.
  • Dietary Issues and Breastfeeding: Whether you’re struggling with a picky eater, concerned about your child’s weight or want to discuss anything from food allergies, breastfeeding difficulties or nutrition and autism, Martha Gooldy Garcia, RD, IBCLC offers practical solutions to families’ problems.
  • Developmental Pediatrics: Often, just getting a diagnosis can transform your child’s life. Dr. Karen Landmeier helps identify and treat a wide range of developmental issues, from autism spectrum disorder to learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.
  • Occupational Therapy: With a penchant for children with sensory processing problems, John Murray offers occupational therapy strategies for infants through adolescents.

The Youth Clinic’s specialist providers offer the same quality of care and personalized treatment that your child receives from his or her pediatrician. Receive referrals from your pediatrician for a variety of issues, and treat your child with the same compassionate care your family depends upon from The Youth Clinic.