Steps to Prevent Sickness This Winter


Kids dream of catching a glimpse of Santa Claus, waking up to mounds of presents and spending the day with family, but all could be spoiled by winter sickness. Follow these steps to keeping your little ones happy and healthy this holiday season.

Washing Hands

Unconsciously, kids touch their mouth, nose, eyes, ears and lips hundreds of times each day. Viruses and bacteria enter bodies through these open areas that are being touched so make sure your kids are washing their hands to help prevent the spread of sickness.

Open Windows

The chilly air and winter cold would make most close their windows with the heat on, but this could be causing sickness. Opening your windows will increase airflow and decrease the number of airborne viruses latching onto your kids.

Fresh Air

Don’t let the cold temperature keep you inside this winter season. Bundle up in your favorite winter jacket and venture outside for a playful snowball fight or family creation of snow angels; exercise boosts the circulation of infection-fighting white blood cells.

Daycare Policy

When choosing a daycare, ask about the policies for keeping sick kids away from healthy ones. Many centers require children with fever, the flu, vomiting and diarrhea to stay at home until symptoms subside. Check with your daycare for these policies especially during the holidays.

Sleep Well

Holiday excitement can keep kids up all night long waiting to hear reindeer hooves on the roof or seeing Santa slide down the chimney. Make sure your kids are keeping their bodies happy and healthy with the adequate amount of shuteye.

Balanced and Healthy Diet

The holiday season can bring wonderful meals full of unhealthy options for kids. Make sure to balance good food with healthy food as well.


Enjoy your holiday season without any sickness in your home!