The Youth Clinic Class: Healthy Transitions for Young Girls

The Youth Clinic is happy to announce that we will be offering our in-person classes once again, starting with our Healthy Transitions class. This class is for girls ages 9-11* and is designed to teach them about the transition to becoming a young woman, covering the physical, emotional, and social changes associated with puberty.

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About The Youth Clinic Classes

The Youth Clinic wanted to be more than a pediatrician’s office; we wanted to educate the community about every stage of life and give families the tools and skills to thrive. So we started offering various classes and programs, including, but not limited to, breastfeeding classes, auto-immunity screenings, parent groups, and programs for adolescent boys and girls that are transitioning into their teenage years. Unfortunately, due to Covid, we paused all classes being held at The Youth Clinic, but we are slowly restarting class Fall. The first class we are offering is our Healthy Transitions class on October 19th. To learn more about the class and what is covered, read below.

Healthy Transitions

The transition to becoming a young adult can start younger than parents expect, particularly in girls. School, media, and what they hear from friends impact how girls understand their bodies and change emotions. It’s important to be able to separate fact from fiction. Parents can support their daughter in navigating this period by both of you knowing about the changes and having early conversations about them.

This special class for girls ages 9-11 is designed to teach them about the transition to becoming a young woman. The class is designed to have a parent or other guardian attend, as there are “talk sessions” when the girls are encouraged to discuss things with them. The class covers physical, emotional, and social changes associated with puberty while promoting positive body image and healthy lifestyle choices.

Our relaxed atmosphere helps minimize the embarrassment and awkwardness often associated with this topic and promotes honest conversations while fostering good communication between girls and their parents. Learn more about Healthy Transitions.

Healthy Transitions Class

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Available Spots: Full
Cost: Free
Location: 1214 Oak Park Drive

*Check back soon for more dates


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