Understanding mosaic Down Syndrome & Its Impact on Your Child

Mosaicism or mosaic Down syndrome is a rare form of Down syndrome that results in two or more copies of chromosome 21 that show up in some of the body’s cells; this differs from Down syndrome, which only results in 1 copy of chromosome 21 that shows up in all of the body’s cells. Mosaic Down syndrome cases can vary greatly, and symptoms can range from very mild to having most of the characteristics of Down syndrome. Let’s explore the symptoms, resources you can reference, and how families can find support for mosaic Down Syndrome in this blog.

Managing Health Challenges in Children with mosaic Down Syndrome

When parents learn that their child has mosaic Down syndrome, they are often faced with a range of emotions and concerns. In addition, there are health challenges that may come into play with a child with mosaic down syndrome and how to overcome them as a parent.

While we believe that children with any form of Down syndrome can live a healthy, full life, there are potential health issues that may accompany mosaic Down syndrome that parents should be aware of. Health challenges that may arise include in a child with mosaic Down Syndrome: 

  • Heart defects
  • Immune disorders
  • Visual impairments
  • Ear infections
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hearing loss
  • Vitamin deficiencies

The symptoms and severity of the condition will vary greatly from child to child and may even differ between twins with mosaic Down Syndrome.

Resources for Families and Children with Mosaic Down Syndrome

To help with the variety of challenges your family could be facing with a mosaic Down Syndrome diagnosis, there are many organizations and groups that have been founded to specifically support families with children who have this syndrome. We are so lucky to live in the day and age where there are a number of resources that can provide support for families that have children with a form of this syndrome, including:

The websites above have several resources available for parents who have just received a diagnosis, as well as those who have been living with their child’s condition for years.

How The Youth Clinic Can Support Your Family 

At The Youth Clinic, we are a FAMILY! 

Our providers are incredibly skilled in supporting and treating children with special developmental challenges. Additionally, families and children with this form of Down Syndrome often work with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Registered Dietitians and Physical to support physical, cognitive and social development. Our providers can assist you in accessing these supports.

We are here to help your family and child every step of the way by providing you with resources that will help your child thrive, no matter their physical condition. People with mosaic Down syndrome or any form of this syndrome have much to teach us and contribute valuable insights, embracing the beauty of diversity and reminding us of the extraordinary potential in every person.

To learn how we can help, request an appointment today.

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