We Are More Than A Youth Clinic

Here at The Youth Clinic, we are just as passionate about the health and well-being of you and your family as we are about the community that you choose to raise them in. With the belief that health should remain a priority outside of the walls of our clinic, we choose to be more than a youth clinic.

We are so proud to serve patients across Northern Colorado, and we are honored that the parents of our patients trust us to do so. In order to be a strong resource for families at all times, we serve as educators, community members, and hospitalists.

We are a Helping Hand

We are more than your average pediatrician’s office. We are a helping hand. We have various classes and programs including, but not limited to, breastfeeding classes, auto-immunity screenings, parent groups and programs for adolescent boys and girls that are transitioning into their teenage years. We even offer a “Growing Healthy” scholarship which is awarded to one of our high school senior patients seeking to continue their education. Through these programs and classes, The Youth Clinic acts as a strong source of education for families in every stage of life.

We Are Community

We sponsor various events that support children’s health, learning, and activity! One of our favorite events is Kids in the Park which encourages kids to get out and play. We also sponsor various community events throughout the year including multiple Open Admission Days at the Museum of Art in Fort Collins, where families can enjoy unique galleries for free. We encourage the whole family to join us! These events allow us to give back to our community and the families that choose The Youth Clinic.

We’re There in a Heartbeat

We have four locations spread across Northern Colorado, so we can care for you in a heartbeat. It’s important to us that our patients get the best care as quickly as possible. Our convenient locations allow us to be a short drive away when your child is in need.

We are more than a Youth Clinic. With more than 50 years of caring for generations of youth, we are proud to have our roots in such a beautiful area and privileged to support the health and well being of our patients and our community. Thank you for choosing The Youth Clinic.