Why Annual Well Care Check-Ups Are So Important for Older Children

Even if your child doesn’t need a physical or shots for school, it is incredibly important to bring your child to the doctor for a well care visit at least once per year. Well care is a time for us to continue to get to know your child better, as well as address ongoing issues such as development, nutrition, behavior, discipline and safety. Here are the top reasons well care check-ups are so important for older children.

Health Advocacy

It is important as your child gets older for them to understand how to ask their provider questions and how to share with the doctor what they might be concerned about. This helps them start to take ownership of their health.


This starts as early as 9 to 10 years old for girls and usually a little bit older for boys. During these years, it’s really important to bring your child in, so we can talk about the changes in their body.


Parents are typically in the know about what is going on at school. It is also nice to have someone else, especially a pediatrician, talk to them about any challenges they may be having as a student. This way, if there are any issues like lack of focus, distractions, etc., we can help make a plan.

Healthy Habits

We know that you talk to your child about getting outside, moving off the couch, decreasing screen time or not having a lot of soda. Your child’s provider can support these messages and provide helpful ideas on how to stay healthy.

Preventative Health

During the Well Care Visit, attention is given not only to any chronic health issues such as asthma but also is a time to discuss any new concerns you and your child may have. Our screening tools also allow us to identify potential problems, talk about them, and make a plan.

Well Care visits are the foundation of pediatric care, so don’t neglect that important aspect of your child’s care. The Youth Clinic providers are always available to answer questions from parents and children and to address changes in medical care needs at Well Care visits.

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