Why Does My Child Need Well Care Visits?

Why Does My Child Need Well Care Visits

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While the importance of treating your child’s illnesses is obvious to all parents, the value of a Well Care Visit isn’t immediately obvious, but it’s there. It’s your No. 1 tool to stay on top of your child’s health and emotional development.

Well Care Visits typically address:

  • Growth & Development and Immunizations: They’re the old standby of pediatric care for a reason: It’s vital that your child stays up-to-date with the immunization schedule. It’s just as important to ensure your child is growing into his body well.
  • Chronic Health Issues: Our pediatric providers uncover many chronic health issues during Well Care visits that may otherwise go untreated for years. Early detection and developing a healthcare strategy is a critical step in effective long-term treatment for many issues such as asthma, diabetes and food allergies.
  • Nutrition Check In: Have questions about your child’s eating habits? Need guidance to correct your family’s menus? Your pediatric provider is always on hand to help steer your child’s nutrition.
  • Behavior & Discipline: Your child’s developing emotionally as well as physically. It’s not uncommon for parents to have questions about age-appropriate behavior, developing expectations and boundaries and strategies for discipline.
  • Parental Concerns and Safety Tips: Have questions about your child’s health? Want to chat about ways to make everyday activities safer so you can stay out of the emergency room? Your Well Care visit is the perfect choice.

Well Care visits are the foundation of pediatric care, so don’t neglect that important aspect of your child’s care. The Youth Clinic providers are always available for parents’ questions and to address changes in medical care needs at Well Care visits.

Learn more about Well Care Visits by clicking here or call 970.267.9510 to schedule an appointment!


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