Zantac Recall

The Youth Clinic providers have recently been made aware of a potential concern regarding the use of a commonly prescribed antacid (ranitidine/ Zantac).

The US Food and Drug Administration has received reports of a contaminant (NDMA) in ranitidine produced by a few pharmaceutical companies.  The contaminant is NDMA and it has been found to be a potential carcinogen (may cause some forms of cancer).

The FDA has reported that the levels of NDMA in this medication are slightly higher than are found in many of the vegetables that we eat and therefore imply that the risks of consumption are low.  They have suggested that people who don’t NEED to take the medication should consider stopping its’ use or try a different antacid such as famotidine (Pepcid).

In order to be exceptionally cautious, the providers at the Youth Clinic are recommending trying to stop this medication if possible.  If your child needs an antacid, contact your Youth Clinic provider and we can discuss alternative medications.

For more detailed information, we recommend you visit the FDA website at