COVID-19 Vaccines

Currently, COVID-19 vaccines are being released to specific populations in three phases (see chart below). At this time, The Youth Clinic does not have Pfizer or any other covid vaccines available. Please consider seeking out other options to receive the vaccine for your child as we are not sure when or if The Youth Clinic will be receiving any covid vaccine doses. Continue to visit our website for further updates and we will keep you notified of any covid vaccine availability changes.

Safety and effectiveness data from clinical trials are still needed before the COVID vaccine will become available for children under the age of 16 years.

Stay up to date about vaccine distribution in Colorado at and the Larimer County Health Department



*Timeline subject to change based on supply chain. Prioritization subject to change based on data, science, availability.

Note: CDPHE recognizes the Tribal sovereignty of the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute Indian Tribes, and that the Tribes have the authority to determine how vaccine supply will be prioritized for their populations, even if their prioritization scheme is different than what CDPHE recommends. Some federal entities such as the Bureau of Prisons, Department of Defense, Department of State, Veteran’s Hospital Association, and Indian Health Services will be vaccinated by the federal government. Children and pregnant people are not included in this preliminary phased approach; they may be prioritized for vaccine contemporaneously when/if safety and efficacy data are available with the appropriate ACIP recommendation.