Making the Most of a Spring Break Staycation

As the winter weather begins to wind down, and spring on its way now is the time to start thinking about Spring Break ideas. With so many great things to do right here in Northern Colorado, you can make a memorable and fun stay-cation with your kids, without the stress and expense of traveling.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Northern Colorado offers endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Go for a family hike, explore, have a picnic all while taking in the scenic views.

Visit a Museum

Spend some time at one of the numerous museums in the area exploring art, culture, and your imagination.

Cooking Adventure

Bond with your child while learning a new cooking or baking recipe. It’s a great way to spend quality time together, acquire a new skill, and discuss the importance of nutrition. Check out our recommended veggie pinwheel recipe if you need a starting point.

Indoor Movie Day

In Colorado, spring weather can be unpredictable. If the weather is gloomy, have an indoor movie day! Prepare popcorn, cozy up under blankets, and watch family favorites or discover a new movie together. Explore various streaming services for entertainment options.

Puzzles, craft projects, scavenger hunts- the possibilities are endless!  With plenty of activities to choose from, your Spring Break staycation promises to be anything but boring!