Making the Most of a Spring Break Staycation

As the winter weather begins to wind down, and spring on its way now is the time to start thinking about Spring Break ideas. With so many great things to do right here in Fort Collins, CO you can make a memorable and fun vacation with your kids, without the stress and expense of traveling. 

Get Outside

One of the greatest things about our city is the endless opportunity to get outside. Between the river, Natural Areas, and Horsetooth Mountain Park there’s always something to do outdoors. Take your family on a hike or a walk to explore, or take a picnic up to Horsetooth and look out at the water. Be sure to keep aware of your surroundings in all natural areas, and follow all rules posted on signs for your safety. 

Museum Day

Spend a day exploring at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. With exhibits such as the Music & Sound Lab and Once Upon a Playground, as well as child-friendly programming and showings at the theater, there’s something for everyone in your family to enjoy. They also give discounts on admission if you either walk or ride a bike to the museum, encouraging your family to go green. 

Learn a New Recipe

Spend the day with your kid learning a new cooking or baking recipe. This is not only a great way for you to spend time together learning a new skill but is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of nutrition. We know there are endless recipes out there to choose from, so if you need a good place to start, take a look at our featured recipes, we highly recommend the veggie pinwheel recipe

Indoor Movie Day

If you live in Colorado, you know that just because it’s spring is no guarantee of nice weather. If the weather is crummy and you can’t get outside, consider having an at-home movie day! Pop some popcorn, get warm under blankets, and watch some old favorites, or a new movie no one in your family has seen before! With so many streaming services available, there’s always something for the whole family to enjoy. 

With so much to do in Fort Collins, there will never be a dull moment this spring break!