Introducing Colin Magelky: Winner of The 2024 Youth Clinic Growing Healthy Kids High School Scholarship

We are excited to announce the recipient of the 2024 Growing Healthy Kids High School Scholarship at The Youth Clinic: Colin Magelky!

The Youth Clinic Growing Healthy Kids High School Scholarship application requires students to turn in an essay describing a time they had to overcome a challenge. Essays are scored based on theme and content, organization and development, grammar, mechanics, and style

A long time patient of Dr. Guenther, Colin’s essay submission shared how through the experience of losing a close friend to a tragic death, he was able to find the importance of being open, and seeking help, rather than hiding weaknesses. His focus now is honoring his friend’s “legacy by building bridges and developing deep and meaningful connections with others, both in and out of the classroom by fostering deep connections and offering support to others.

This $1,000 scholarship will help Colin pursue his degree in Molecular Biology at Princeton University.   “This summer, I will conclude the research on microRNAs I have been conducting with Dr. Tai Montgomery at CSU for the past two years, culminating in co-authorship on two publications. In the fall, I will be attending Princeton University to study Molecular Biology and pursue a career in medical research.”

Congratulations to Colin for receiving the 2024 Youth Clinic Growing Healthy Kids High School Scholarship. We look forward to seeing his continued development and the positive impact he will have on his community!
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