Sledding Safety Tips for Kids

Sledding is a top favorite winter activity for kids of all ages! While it is a blast, it can be very dangerous. Take the following precautions before and during sledding to prevent any accidents or injuries.



Children should have properly fitting helmets while sledding. This means that the helmet should sit low on the forehead (about two to three fingers widths above eyebrows) and the “Y” straps on each side should meet right below the ear.

Warm Clothing

Keep your kids warm by bundling them in scarfs, hats, mittens, snow pants and a coat.


Always sit face-forward on sleds with feet going downhill first. Sliding face-first can lead to head injuries.

Hill Safety

Always avoid hills near streets, parking lots, rivers or fences in case a child can not stop quickly enough. Also, make sure the hill does not have bumps, rocks, poles, or trees in the sledding path.

Safe Stop

Sleds should be equipped with working breaks. Your sledding hill should not be too steep, and it should have a long flat area at the bottom so there is a place to glide to a stop even if there are working breaks on the sled!


There should always be a responsible adult present in the case of an accident! Children under 5 years old should be riding a sled with an adult.


Make sure your children stay out of the path of other sledders! Teach your children to walk up the sides of the hill to avoid other sledders coming down!


Following these simple rules will help your family have a fun and safe sledding experience. For more winter tips, read our post titled “Keep Your Kids Moving this Winter.”

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