Healthy Bodies for Life

*The Healthy Bodies for Life class for Fall of 2016 have been CANCELLED. Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for details on the April 2017 class. 

Smart eating and staying active are key to your entire family’s well-being. Sometimes, life gets out of balance:   eating too much or the wrong types of foods, and having too little activity can lead to kids being overweight. Of course as parents, you want the best for your family and want your child to be healthy. The Healthy Bodies for Life program is here to support you! Start today – help your child develop smart living habits and achieve a healthy weight for life.

There are 2 components to the Healthy Bodies for Life program: a 6 week class or one on one consultation with Martha Gooldy Garcia, RD.

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Healthy Bodies for Life Class based program

  • Family focused healthy living program
  • 5 week class, 90 minutes per week for 6 – 12 year old kids who are > or = 85% BMI, and their parents*
  • October 20 – November 17, 2016
  • Led by Martha Gooldy Garcia, Registered Dietitian and a Miramont Youth Fitness Instructor.
  • Classes are held at the South location of Miramont Lifestyle Fitness in Fort Collins
  • Hands on nutrition lessons addressing:
    • portion control, added sugar in foods and drinks, eating a balanced diet, making good choices when eating at restaurants, getting in enough fruits and vegetables and meal planning
  • Fun gym time every session using the Balanced Kids play based exercise program
  • Free family membership to all of the Miramont locations for the duration of the class
  • Peer support for kids and parents who are facing similar challenges
  • Weekly prizes to encourage kids to make healthy changes
  • Based on limited space, we ask that families commit to coming to all of the classes
  • Minimal class fee of $120 for the 6 weeks

*This class is designed for kids who are > or = 85% BMI. It is open to both Youth Clinic and non-Youth Clinic kids. You will need a referral from your child’s provider to participate.

Healthy Bodies for Life one on one based program.

  • If your family is unable to attend the 6 week class, Martha is available for one on one consultation. We ask that families come for 4 – 6 visits, to get individualized support, covering the same topics that are addressed in class. Martha will help you identify and problem solve any obstacles that may prevent the family from making healthy choices and your child achieving a healthy weight.

For more information about Healthy Bodies for Life, contact Martha at 970-494-2594. The next class will be held in April 2017.

Featured Healthy Bodies for Life Recipes

Prepared by Martha Gooldy Garcia for your family’s enjoyment!