About Us

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Caring For Our Future Generations
The Youth Clinic was founded by Dr. Donald Beard. Since then, The Youth Clinic has opened three additional office locations. Currently, our four offices are conveniently located on the north and south sides of Fort Collins, in Timnath, and at the Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland. What makes The Youth Clinic such a special place is your child. The Youth Clinic is committed to making sure children grow up to lead happy and healthy lives. Whether your child is a newborn infant or a college-bound adult, our clinical providers are specifically trained to treat and care for your children from infancy to adolescence. In addition to our primary care providers, including 11 Pediatricians and 8 Physician Assistants, The Youth Clinic also has a Pediatric Psychologist, a Speech Therapist, a Registered Dietitian, a Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician, Lactation Specialists, and an Occupational Therapist—all available on site.

Your Medical Home
The Youth Clinic and the American Academy of Pediatrics would like to introduce you to the concept of the Medical Home. The Medical Home is more than your local clinic. It is a family-centered partnership between your child’s primary care provider, your child, and you as parents. At the core of a Medical Home is a knowledgeable, compassionate health care provider and team to take care of your child’s healthcare needs. The most important aspect of the Medical Home is your relationship with your child’s primary care providers, or PCP’s. They are the best resource for the long-term care of complex or chronic problems such as ADHD and other behavioral issues, developmental disabilities, and long-term medical issues such as asthma. We welcome you to see any of our providers at any of our three offices for that soccer injury, the earache at daycare or worsening of an ongoing illness. The Youth Clinic provides access to an on-call physician and phone nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—demonstrating our commitment to access, quality, and education in your child’s healthcare.

Our Medical Home Team Is Here For You
Our Medical Home Team coordinates a broad range of community and specialty services as needed for your child and outlines long-term treatment goals. They not only know your child’s history and needs best, but will work with you to create a trusting relationship in which you and your child feel comfortable dealing with sometimes difficult and painful subjects. We encourage you to choose two to three personal primary care providers for your child who can get to know both you and your child. Try to make appointments for both Well Care Visits and chronic issues that require long-term follow-up care with one of your PCP’s. We know that they may not always be available, but having several providers that you routinely see will help with continuity of care and will heighten your chances of seeing one of your PCP’s for appointments. If there is a service you are interested in or have any questions, please feel free to call our Medical Home Team at 970-267-9510.